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Beginners Boxing

Beginners Boxing

Learn striking, how to punch, guard postures and defensive boxing techniques!


Boxing classes teach you more about fighting than you might ever realise. Boxing improves fitness levels, reflex speed, flexibility, and teaches skill which would make you more comfortable in a real fight. You'll learn striking, how to punch, guard postures and defensive boxing techniques, as well as upper body movements and footwork, and tactics on how to apply boxing strategies to different types of opponents.

Class Details
  • Class Name: Beginners Boxing
  • Trainer: Russell N'core
  • Days: TBA
  • Phone: 07474 314567
  • Place: Pure Gym
    Broad Street
    B15 1DA

  • £8 Per Class
  • £20 For 4 Sessions
  • £35 For 8 Sessions
  • £60 For 12 Sessions
    (Inc 1 FREE PT Session)

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